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Listen and read along as we interview some of the world’s leading futurists and innovators. Our interviews section offers deeper insights and understanding.

New Series on Exponential Entrepreneurs Launches Today

Behind every great leader is a distinct journey—a trail of unique moments, memories, and experiences that, when woven together, make the individual into who they are. The stories of inspiring leaders, however, are often documented...

Interview: Neil Jacobstein Discusses Future of Jobs, Universal Basic Income and the Ethical Dangers of AI

As part of Singularity Hub's Future of Work series, I had a chance to sit down with Neil Jacobstein, the co-chair of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics track. Neil has worked on AI applications...

The Future of Crime: Our Digital Lives Are Hackable, But There’s Hope—If We Act Now

Last week, we posted the first half of an interview with Marc Goodman, author of the upcoming book Future Crimes. In that first installment, Goodman looked ahead to the weird world of future crime....

The Future of Crime: Smartphone Tracking, Neurohacking, and AI Assisted Murder

The world Marc Goodman outlines in exhaustive detail in his forthcoming book, Future Crimes, is as real, gritty, and frightening as life outside the Matrix. Indeed, Goodman opens his book by quoting the classic...

In Depth With Jason Silva: Brain Games, Trance States, and The Abomination of Death

It’d been awhile, so we contacted Jason Silva to find out what gets him up in the morning these days. Though he’s added a mainstream audience, Silva seems eager as ever to chase the “adjacent possible” and leap over it into even dreamier domains. To learn why, among other things, he’s slightly disappointed Google Glass isn’t Scarlett Johansson, why privacy is malleable and mostly overrated, and how femto-scale computing at black hole densities accounts for the eery silence of the universe—read on.

Kamen and Coca-Cola Take On World’s Clean Water Shortage With Slingshot Purifier

Singularity Hub chatted with Paul Lazarus about his award-winning short film "Slingshot" and the film's namesake invention. Lazarus told us about the agony of condensing a grand challenge and potential solution to three minutes—and what he thinks the future promises for both.

SH Interviews Vernor Vinge – How Will We Get To The Technological Singularity?

Science Fiction: it has been a muse of geeks, techies and scientists for decades. Many of the technologies we explore on Singularity Hub were first imagined and explored in SF (star trek tricorders, the...

Kurzweil Visits Colbert Report, Transcendent Man Ready for Mainstream? (video)

The Singularity may be near, but Stephen Colbert's comedy hits much closer to home. Ray Kurzweil, noted author and futurist, visited the set of the Colbert Report to discuss Barry Ptolemy's documentary Transcendent Man,...

Who Owns You? 20% of the Genes in Your Body are Patented

Here’s a disconcerting thought: for the past thirty years, genes have been patentable. And we’re not just talking genetically modified corn – your genes, pretty much as they exist in your body, can and...

Singularity University To Launch June 29 – Exclusive Interview With Executive Director Salim Ismail

With the official launch of the inaugural summer session of Singularity University just days away, the Hub sat down with the University's Executive Director Salim Ismail to get an inside look at this exciting...

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