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How Technology Is Crash Landing in Our Public Schools

Do we have an adequate system for sorting through the ten thousand plus different educational technology materials and programs available for integration into our...

Finland’s Latest Educational Move Will Produce a Generation of Entrepreneurs

Last Friday marked the fifth anniversary of the iPad, a device heralded for triggering the broad adoption of tablet computers and for further spurring our always-connected, digital lives. Like the iPod...

As an Innovator, Steve Jobs Had an “Exquisite Sense of Market Timing”

Just over 8 years ago on January 9, 2007, the first iPhone was launched at MacWorld and the modern era of mobile computing was born. Steve Jobs...

Star Trek-Style Holodeck Coming into Focus at Lowe’s

We’ve all done it — gone into a store to figure out what we wanted to buy only to go home and buy it...

X-Ray App Assists Doctors In Diagnosing Rare Conditions

The Irish company Experior Medical aims to make doctors better readers of diagnostic X-ray films by giving them real-world practice on the go on their iPads.

Pilot Your Own Robotic Sub And Explore The Ocean With AcquatiCo

Eduardo Labarca wants to bring the ocean you. Not through the kind of striking, high-definition imagery that Planet Earth brought, but through an immersive...

Buttons Morph Out Of Your Touchscreen With Tactus

So you love your touchscreen tablet, smartphone, and dashboard. But then you still have those moments when your fingers are missing that tactile feel,...

Exclusive Interview with COO of Drchrono: iPads + Medicine = The Future

Meet Drchrono, the free app for your mobile device that could revolutionize healthcare in the modern world. Founded by Daniel Kivatinos and Michael Nusimow,...

An Exclusive Look Inside The Foxconn Factory That Makes iPads

Shenzhen China is home to one of the world’s largest – and most talked about – factories. It is where the Longhua facility of...

The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 In Action

Just when you thought the Parrot AR.Drone was awesome, it gets awesomer. Parrot gave quadricopter enthusiasts a sneak peek at its new AR.Drone 2.0...

Mobile Payment Revolution Continues With The IPad Cash Register From Square

Makers of mobile credit card reader, Square, have taken the next logical step. Not only can your iPad become a credit card reader, it...

Futulele Combines iPad And iPhone Into Real Functioning Ukulele

Forget the cloud, here’s a new way to sync your Apple devices that’s sure to get your toes tapping – or hips swinging. Amidio...


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