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Tag: neuroplasticity

This One Equation May Be the Root of Intelligence

How does intelligence work? According to Dr. Joe Tsien, a leading neuroscientist at Augusta University in Georgia, the key lies in one simple, unassuming equation:...

Rats Engineered to See Infrared Light, Use It to Seek Out Water

The brain is a great information processor, but one that doesn’t care about where information comes from. Sight, scent, taste, sound, touch — all of...

What We’re Reading This Week Across the Web (Through Feb 28)

Enjoy this week's stories! ROBOTS: Will Robots Be Able to Help Us Die? Graham Templeton | Motherboard "From robo-assisted suicide to commercial drone use in urban areas, robots...

Exponential Medicine: This Is Your Brain on Prescription-Strength Video Games

Video games encourage violent behavior. They’re a symptom of our culture’s collective obsessions and neuroses, a sign we have too much time on our...


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