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Tag: Ramez Naam

3 Big Trends Shaking Up the Energy Industry

We are at the cusp of an energy revolution. This post is a look at how three technologies — solar, batteries, and electric vehicles (EVs) — are...

5 Incredible Ways Scientists Are Merging Our Brains With Machines

I've been reading Ramez Naam's fantastic book "Nexus," which is set in a near-future where a powerful nano-drug allows human minds to connect together....

Solar Energy Is Now as Cheap as Fossil Fuels

Exponential Finance celebrates the incredible opportunity at the intersection of technology and finance. Apply here to join Singularity University, CNBC, and hundreds of the...

Exponential Manufacturing 2016 Kicks Off in Boston This Week

This week Singularity Hub is on the ground in Boston bringing you inside coverage of Singularity University’s first ever Exponential Manufacturing conference at the...

This Injectable Brain Implant Can Record and Stimulate Individual Neurons

For those who need them most, brain implants have made inspiring strides in recent years. One implant eases the involuntary tremors associated with Parkinson’s...

The Ultimate Interface: Your Brain

Ramez Naam is the author of 5 books, including the award-winning Nexus trilogy of sci-fi novels. Follow him on twitter: @ramez. A shorter version of...

Tesla’s Powerwall Is the Latest Step Toward Our Clean-Energy Future

Most people are skeptical that we’re heading into a clean-energy future. They find it hard to believe that solar energy is fewer than 14...

Ramez Naam Discusses Brain-Computer Interfaces At Google

Nexus author and Singularity Hub contributor Ramez Naam discusses the technology that will allow brain-computer interfacing at [email protected]

Better Than The Borg: The Neurotech Era

What if you could read my mind? What if I could beam what I’m seeing, hearing, and thinking, straight to you, and vice versa? What if an implant could store your memories, augment them, and make you smarter?

Singularity Summit 2010: Optimism, Intelligence, the Future – Oh My

The Singularity is's at the Hyatt in San Francisco. This past weekend I saw some of the leading minds in accelerating technologies gather...


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