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Tag: Raymond McCauley

3 DNA Technologies That Will Forever Change Your Home Life

You’ve likely heard that the DNA revolution is here, but we’ve yet to see it manifest in our daily lives and homes. Speaking at this...

How to Speak to the Dead: Gather Their DNA For Science

DNA sequencing of the deceased could lead to a number of advances in health care. A group of scientists in Denmark have launched a...

A Big Year for Biotech: Bugs as Drugs, Precision Gene Editing, and Fake Food

Speculations around whether biotech stocks are in a bubble remain undecided for the second year in a row. But one thing stands as indisputable—the...

Exponential Medicine: The Most Detailed Snapshot of Human Health in History

Our bodies are extremely complex, interrelated, and ever-evolving patterns of information—from DNA to physiology to vital signs. But until modern times, most of that...

Summit Europe: Chip Implants Easy as Piercings

“I am bleeding just a little bit,” said Raymond McCauley. “Might I ask for a little assistance?” McCauley, chair of Singularity University’s biotechnology and...

Exponential Medicine 2014 Conference Kicks Off in San Diego

The weather is fine and the future on display. I'm in San Diego covering Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine conference through Wednesday. The four-day event kicked...

The Surprising Medical Value of Poop

A recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine and an FDA committee hearing suggest that a stool test called Cologuard will likely be approved as a non-invasive screening for colorectal cancer.

Illumina Claims New Sequencer Transcribes 18,000 Genomes per Year at $1,000 Each

In the last six years, sequencing costs have far outpaced Moore’s Law, falling four orders of magnitude from $10 million at the end of 2007 to under $5,000 at the end of 2013. And in early 2014? Illumina, a manufacturer of sequencers, just announced their HighSeq X Ten can sequence 18,000 genomes per year for $1,000 per genome.

San Francisco Stays BioCurious

How would you like to perform cutting edge biology experiments out of your garage? That's what the people at BioCurious did until they grew...


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