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Tag: uBiome

A Big Year for Biotech: Bugs as Drugs, Precision Gene Editing, and Fake Food

Speculations around whether biotech stocks are in a bubble remain undecided for the second year in a row. But one thing stands as indisputable—the...

Exponential Medicine: Crowd Science Will Accelerate Scientific Progress to the ‘Speed of the Internet’

Scientific research of the body is broken, says Jessica Richman, cofounder and CEO of uBiome. Our data is narrowly focused on a subset of humans—western,...

Bacteria from New Residents Populate Homes Within One Day, According to Study

Worried about leaving a digital footprint behind? Your bacterial footprint could be much worse and even incriminating. Recently, researchers traced the microbes that live on and around people...

Biotech Startup uBiome Aims To Sequence The Bacteria That Call Our Bodies Home

When you look at your body in the mirror, most of what you consider to be "you" actually isn't you, at least not in...


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