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When the Mother of Invention Is a Machine, Who Gets Credit?

What do the Oral-B CrossAction toothbrush, about a thousand musical compositions and even a few recent food recipes all have in common? They were invented by computers, but you won’t find a nonhuman credited with...

Strange Bacteria Dine on Electricity and Link Up to Form Biowires

All living organisms need energy. Most animals get their energy by eating other organisms. Plants manufacture energy from sunlight. Now, scientists are finding a strange form of bacterial life that dines on unadulterated electricity. But the...

Electrical Stimulation Enables Paralyzed Patients to Move Legs and Stand Again

Four paralyzed men who received epidural electrical stimulation were able to regain some voluntary movement of their legs. The finding challenges everything doctors thought they knew about paralysis.

California Startup, Tribogenics, Develops Smart Phone Sized Portable X-ray Machines

A Southern California startup called Tribogenics is using a new method of producing X-rays, fleshed out by Darpa-funded research at UCLA, to make X-ray machines more robust and portable.

No More Lying About Your Age: Tissue Test Can Tell

What causes human to age? A study published recently provides a tool that may help future researchers answer that question. It’s a biological clock that can date the age of a cell by measuring methylation, a chemical modification that affects certain parts of DNA. Using the clock, any piece of tissue identified with the biological age of its human source.

Incredible Video of California Woman’s Hand Transplant

The latest recipient of a hand transplant is coping well in Los Angeles. On March 5th, Emily Fennel, age 26, received a donor right hand to replace the one she lost nearly five years...

$10 Cellphone Microscope Wins 3 Awards, Heading To Africa for Tests

Mobile phones have become one of the most universal pieces of advanced technology in the world, and they are about to become even more vital. Aydogan Ozcan of UCLA has developed a microscope attachment...

MRI Scans Are Better At Predicting Your Behavior Than You Are

Researchers at UCLA have discovered that MRI scans of your brain allow them to predict your future behavior better than you can. As discussed in the Journal of Neuroscience, people are generally about 50%...

UCLA Team Creates New Kind of Mobile Phone Microscope

In the field of global medicine, laboratories are a precious commodity. Yet even if a remote village doesn't have access to a local lab or even a doctor, they may be able to get...

New Study Detects Oral Cancer Via RNA in Spit

I can't believe the number of things you can find out about yourself by spitting in a cup. A recent study at UCLA demonstrated that certain strands of micro RNA (miRNA) found in your...

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