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Tag: university of pittsburgh

Anticipating Your Needs: Emotional Intelligence Is the Key to Smarter Gadgets

It’s weekend rush hour. You’re stuck in traffic. You got cut off. You’re increasingly frustrated. Your heart rate and blood pressure skyrocket. As you’re fuming...

These Thought-Controlled Robotic Arms Are Beating Paralysis and Amputation

In 2012, University of Pittsburgh researchers released a video of Jan Scheuermann feeding herself a bite of chocolate. This, of course, wouldn't be noteworthy...

Tiny Lab-Grown Heart Beats On Its Own

A growing number of researchers are looking to build hearts, like other organs, from biological tissue. Such hearts have the added benefit of using the patient’s own tissue, reducing the chance of rejection. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh medical school made a significant breakthrough: They created a heart that beat on its own.

Monkey Controls Robot Arm With Brain Implant (Video)

If you want the epitome of cool cybernetics, it doesn't get much better than a monkey waving around a robot arm. Researchers from the...


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