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Virtual Reality

Latest significant advancements in virtual reality. Reporting on the far-reaching impacts of improvements in VR on society and humanity.

Virtual Arm Eases Amputee’s Phantom Limb Pain

Swedish researchers created an augmented reality system in which myoelectric electrodes on an amputee patient's stump indicated his attempted muscle movements for the missing arm, and an arm image on screen reflected those movements back to him. The patient reported that his chronic phantom limb pain diminished dramatically.

Legal Heroin: Is Virtual Reality Our Next Hard Drug?

So video games are addictive—this we know. It comes down to dopamine, one of the brain’s basic signaling molecules. Emotionally, we feel dopamine as pleasure, engagement, excitement, creativity, and a desire to investigate and make meaning out...

Will Oculus Bring Immersive Virtual Reality to Consumers for $300 in 2014?

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset. Though it is still a prototype, each time Oculus unveils a new update, the applause grows louder. The most recent version, dubbed Crystal Cove, received almost uniformly awed reviews after the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset Gets $75M Investment: Coming To ‘Consumers Everywhere’

Virtual reality, long a dream of gamers and science fiction buffs, has moved much closer to reality since Oculus burst onto the scene earlier this year. The company got a significant vote of confidence recently, in the form of a $75-million investment round led by one of Silicon Valley’s most highly regarded venture capital firms, Andreessen Horowitz.

‘Doom’ Developer John Carmack Joins Oculus to Take Virtual Reality Mainstream

Over the last year, the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset, has flown from duct-taped prototype to massively anticipated gaming system. The firm has raised $2.4 million in a Kickstarter, oversubscribed ten to one, and $16 million in venture capital. They've got the funds, a working prototype—and if they didn't have enough talent before, they most certainly do now. The firm recently announced John Carmack will join up as Chief Technology Officer. For those who’ve followed Carmack’s career and are itching to get their hands on a consumer-ready Rift—that’s huge news.

How Serious Is Virtual Reality Headset Oculus Rift? $16 Million ‘Series A’ Serious

A year and a half ago virtual reality was yet an elusive technodream. It may still be, even today. But the Oculus Rift, VR’s latest great hope, is winning over developers and newbies alike, accruing accolades, awards—and now cold cash.

Oculus Rift Is Breathing New Life Into the Dream of Virtual Reality

Palmer Luckey wasn’t exactly a household name this time last year. He’s a young guy from Long Beach, California, smart as a whip, and obsessed with virtual reality. After building a massive collection of the day’s top virtual reality tech, he realized nothing came close to the experience he wanted. So, he decided to build it himself. Say hello to the Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset causing quite a stir in the tech and gaming communities.

The Future of Gaming — It May All Be in Your Head

Neurogaming is riding on the heels of some exponential technologies that are converging on each other. Many of these were on display recently in San Francisco at the NeuroGaming Conference and Expo; a first-of-its-kind conference whose existence alone signals an inflection point in the industry. Conference founder, Zack Lynch, summarized neurogaming to those of us in attendance as the interface, “where the mind and body meet to play games.”

Recording Your Life, Allowing Others To View It As Virtual Reality World: Lifelogging

It’s called Bad Trip, and it certainly feels like one. Alan Kwan has been recording every moment of his life since November 2011 and he faces the same problem that other lifeloggers do: what to...

2012 Machinima Expo — An Animation Festival In Virtual Reality

Prepare to alter your reality: the Fifth Annual Machinima Expo, a festival that showcases real-time animated films, will be held November 16-18 in the avatar-populated world of Second Life. While other film festivals are held in...

2013 — The Dawn Of Wearable Computing?

Sooner rather than later you'll have a computer attached to your face, and for some, it'll happen as early as next year. Why? Because the era of wearable computing is dawning as startups and...

Kurzweil Talks About Achievable Immortality On PBS NewsHour

Economists are known for investing enormous time making predictions about the near future, usually by following predictable cycles and extrapolating from trends of the recent past. But emerging exponential and convergent technologies seem to...

Augmented Reality Browser Makes Your Mobile A Portal Into the Digital World

I don't know if you noticed, but a parallel Earth has merged with our own, overlapping our reality no matter where we go. I'm talking about the digital realm - the confluence of internet,...

Al Qaeda In Azeroth? Terrorism Recruiting and Training in Virtual Worlds

In their pursuit of terrorists, government intelligence agencies leave no digital rock unturned: telephone calls, emails, text messages, blogs, news sites - they monitor them all. Sometimes, as with social networks like Facebook, the...

Virtual People Watching Virtual Movies In Virtual Space – Recursively Delicious!

Locating your indie film festival in the real world? Meh, that's so mainstream. The fourth annual Machinima Expo is coming this November to a virtual world near you. Taking place in the online game...

Your Car is the Arcade: Driving Simulator Uses Real Vehicle in Virtual Worlds

Daredevils have an insatiable need for speed, but they play with fire when pushing their vehicle or driving abilities too far. Tag Systems offers a unique solution by transporting the motorist and their physical...

Tron Legacy Trailer Released With Daft Punk Sound Score

The cult classic movie Tron from 1982 is set to get a facelift this year with the release of a sequel movie called Tron Legacy.  The second trailer for the movie was released yesterday,...

Avatar Movie Thrills In London Premier, Portends Future

The Avatar Movie from renowned director James Cameron is set to open in theaters worldwide this week.  Cameron, creator of movie greats including Terminator, Aliens, and The Abyss, not to mention Titanic, the highest...

Glasses To Project Images Directly Into Retina Terminator Style

Brother Industries, Ltd. has just announced that next year it plans to produce Retinal Imaging Display (RID) glasses that augment regular vision.  Just as in the popular Terminator movies, these glasses could project supplemental...

Virtual Reality at SIGGRAPH

With the amazing video recording and production systems commercially available, how hard can it be to create a realistic virtual reality environment? I mean, all we really need are some cameras, some computers, and...

Forget Paint, Turn The Side of Your Building into a Video Screen

Bored by your office's cold clammy exterior? Then you need to get a hold of the guys at Urbanscreen. This German company uses enormous projectors and a lot of design skill to transform cityscapes...

Haptics Unleashes Virtual Reality and Telepresence Revolution

Prepare to be blown away with this post!  Here at the Hub one of the things that we are all about is the coming merger of the physical world with the virtual world.  Programmable...

Enter the AlloSphere: a 360° Audiovisual Research Dome

"Data analysis." Sounds exciting, right? Most of us would sooner put out an eye than crunch some numbers. But what if you could trade in that Excel spreadsheet for a giant, 360...

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