Steve Aoki Music Video ‘Singularity’ Imagines Cybernetic Future, Features Ray Kurzweil

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"Hi Steve. This is Ray Kurzweil. I want to tell you about our future."

With an opening like that, you know that the latest music video 'Singularity' from electro house musician Steve Aoki is going to deliver a thrill ride. Kicking off with the ominous Kurzweil describing the coming rise of artificial intelligence, the video goes on to depict the forced cybernetic transformation of Aoki at the hands of two captors. The music and video were written by Aoki as an artistic interpretation of what this coming convergence might mean as a backdrop to his music.

Watch the video here to see Kurzweil lay down the definition of the singularity amid some heavy beats:

'Singularity' is a cool vision of what cybernetic enhancement might be like, for better or worse. Most importantly, it presents the concepts of the singularity to a broader audience that may not get exposure to Kurzweil's thesis. Clearly, the ideas embedded within the singularity are becoming more mainstream, which will only help encourage the kind of paradigm shift that often follows appreciating how accelerating change and the convergence of emergent technologies are transforming the world.

Aoki has promised that a sequel to the video is in the works called "Neon Green". You can subscribe to his YouTube channel to ensure you don't miss the next installment in this homage to the future.

David J. Hill

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Discussion — 5 Responses

  • vovietanh June 4, 2013 on 3:16 am

    This is bullshit. No one needs something like this to “present the concepts of the singularity to a broader audience that may not get exposure to Kurzweil’s thesis.” Ain’t mainstream commercial movies like Matrix or so more than enough to make the populace fantasize about a singularity!? What must be done is to prove how exactly incremental development in science can be translated into exponential social changes.

    • Matthew vovietanh June 4, 2013 on 4:49 pm

      lol, yep. so ten years ago. our movement has become cliché before it even hit mainstream status. we don’t deserve flying cars. we’re too busy refusing solutions with our racism, violent hatred, economic/intellectual elitism, paranoid delusions, and misogyny. the more I experience this reality the more it feels like time froze circa 1960/70s… and the more I think that it will be more revolutionary changes than steady gradation like Kurzweil was thinking. whatever happens we need to make sure that we get rid of this idea that advancing human rights is a contentious political argument.

      • Matthew Matthew June 4, 2013 on 5:02 pm

        the woman at the desk at my dentist the other day: “i don’t know how this world will ever become a better place.” some kid i overheard today: “people are so stupid” … we need to do something about this overwhelming pessimism in our culture too. we have more luxuries and freedoms than anyone in the world. just because our airplanes aren’t as stylish as jetsons cars doesn’t mean tens of thousands don’t commute by air everyday. we live 3 times longer. corporate profits are rising ad infinitum. moore’s law states that people are actually getting smarter (by 3 iq points per 10 years). we have a lot to be thankful for. people in the future will look back in horror on how for the first hundred years of post-scarcity even when humanity had enough to go around the aristocracy was still hoarding and we still clung to harmful leviathan militaristic police states and capital punishment and poisonous fossil fuels and corporations took the reigns of our cumulative post-industrial post-digital human treasures and walled out the sick, poor, women, gays, and elderly. and they’ll cringe at the though of everyone being ok with that. like we think of public executions (hopefully…) things ARE getting better (on average, despite marginal extremist backlash) but we could prolly have had this all sorted out like 50 years ago. hell ancient Rhome was on the verge of an industrial revolution. we should be 2 thousand year old post human cyborgs by now.

        • Matthew Matthew June 4, 2013 on 5:03 pm

          sorry, Flynn’s law*** …not moore’s law.

  • Tim Reynolds June 9, 2013 on 6:56 pm

    Already been done.