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New Study: Daily Multivitamins, Supplements ‘A Waste Of Money’

The keys to a long, healthy life are exercising and eating well. But exactly what constitutes eating well is something that remains surprisingly undecided given the... more

Written By: | Posted: 12/18/13


Will Advanced AI Be Our Final Invention?

It seems these days that no sooner do you get out the words “AI risk” then someone snaps back “Skynet.” You mention “computer takeover” and they... more

Written By: | Posted: 12/14/13


Singularity Hub Membership Update — A Window Into The Future

The Singularity Hub Membership Program continues to grow strong with more Hubbers joining every day to become part of the thriving community of global enthusiasts... more

Written By: | Posted: 08/14/13


What Will Happen 5 Days Before The Singularity? “I’s” Feature Film Aims To Find Out

Sci-fi films have a long history of speculating what the future might be like, seeking to understand what remnants of humanity will continue on when the world may undergo... more

Written By: | Posted: 08/12/13


Ray Kurzweil — Fireside Chat At The 2013 Graduate Studies Program

Ray Kurzweil speaks to the GSP13 class at Singularity University on July... more

Written By: | Posted: 07/27/13


Inside Singularity University: Bloomberg Profiles SU On Brink TV Show

If you are excited about emerging technologies and how they can solve some of the world's greatest challenges, strap in for an inside look at Singularity University,... more

Written By: | Posted: 06/20/13


Steve Aoki Music Video ‘Singularity’ Imagines Cybernetic Future, Features Ray Kurzweil

"Hi Steve. This is Ray Kurzweil. I want to tell you about our future." With an opening like that, you know that the latest music video 'Singularity' from electro house... more

Written By: | Posted: 06/3/13

fox event

Singularity University And Fox Studios Hosting ‘Backstage Pass To The Future’ Event On June 1

This Saturday night, June 1st, Singularity University and FOX Studios are putting on quite a show with an event titled 'Backstage Pass To The Future.' Located on the film... more

Written By: | Posted: 05/31/13

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