The Hub Gets A Redesign


redesign-websiteToday Singularity Hub is excited to roll out our newly designed website.  We hope you like it, because we can’t go back!  The new website continues our previous tradition of clean and simple design, but hopefully increases the usefulness of the site to our readers.

A major focus of the redesign is the “magazine” feature at the top that highlights stories that both new and old readers of the Hub might find of interest.  Also, the “current hits” and “all time hits” at the top of the right sidebar allow readers to quickly see what stories have been hot during the last month and for all time, as measured by number of hits.  When posting comments, readers can now use their twitter accounts (OAuth) in addition to their Facebook accounts to login.  The new site features cleaner fonts that make reading easier on the eyes.  Also, there is a greater width for posts, which will keep stories from looking scrunched for space when we incorporate images.  Several other new features will be noticeable as you navigate through the site.

Of course a fancy new redesign won’t do us any good if we don’t continue to complement it with great content.  During the next several months we have loads of awesome stories that we can’t wait to share with you!  We are writing as fast as we can to keep up with all of the awesome leads that we have.  Nevertheless, if you have any tips, contacts, or interesting information that we could use for future stories please let us know so that we can further improve our lineup.

If you like the Hub, then now is a great time to spread the word about us.  We have awesome stories coming out everyday, and it will be more fun for all of us if we can read, ponder, and comment about these stories with a larger community of people.

The redesign is nowhere near complete, but we feel it has at least reached a point that is good enough to release into the wild today.   We have a long list of features and bug fixes that we hope to complete in the coming weeks.  We would be glad to hear about your comments and suggestions, as well as any bugs that you come across, in the comment portion of this post.  If more appropriate feel free to contact us directly.

Below is a screenshot of our old website, may she rest in peace.  You can click on the image for a full size view:


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