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This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through July 13)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 'Superhuman' AI Crushes Pros at Six-Player Texas Hold'em George Dvorsky | Gizmodo " said, 'Poker in particular has been an early sandbox for AI, and...

So Far Cultured Meat Has Been Burgers—the Next Big Challenge Is Animal-Free Steaks

The meat you eat, if you’re a carnivore, comes from animal muscles. But animals are composed of a lot more than just muscle. They...

The Pentagon’s New Laser-Based Tool Uses Your Heartbeat to Track You

The government’s hefty arsenal of surveillance tools just welcomed a powerful new member. Rather than monitoring an external device—a bug or a smartphone—or even...

Cancer-Killing Living Drug Is Made Safer With a Simple Off Switch

When it comes to battling cancer, our most powerful weapon is also our most dangerous. You’ve heard of CAR-T: the cellular immunotherapy extracts a patient’s...

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