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How to Make VR Experiences That Actually Matter

It seems like everyone is making a VR app these days. From recording concerts in VR to designing your next kitchen, brands and individual...

Singularity Hub Is Live This Week at Exponential Manufacturing in Boston

Singularity Hub is on the ground this week at Singularity University’s Exponential Manufacturing Summit in Boston. At the summit, executives, makers, entrepreneurs, and policy leaders...

3D Printed Medical Implants That Fit the Body Perfectly Are on the Way

Bioprinting new organs and tissues could make transplants available and affordable for all, but is still decades away. In the meantime, scientists have re-purposed...

Why Disruptive Innovation Requires Looking Beyond the Experts

Want to do something new and disruptive? Want to change the status quo? Here’s some advice — be careful before consulting “experts.” “An expert is...

Bizarre Mini Brains Offer a Fascinating New Look at the Brain

Brain balls sound like something straight out of a Tim Burton movie: starting as stem cells harvested from patients, they eventually develop into masses...

Mobile Health Takes on a New Challenge: Diagnosing Cervical Cancer

Technology’s role in modern healthcare is growing. Artificial intelligence is being used for mental health, and smartphones can use add-ons to do things we...


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