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The Rise of AI Art—and What It Means for Human Creativity

Artificially intelligent systems are slowly taking over tasks previously done by humans, and many processes involving repetitive, simple movements have already been fully automated....

Avatar Love? New ‘Black Mirror’ Episode Explores How VR Could Impact Relationships

This week, the widely-anticipated fifth season of the dystopian series Black Mirror was released on Netflix. The storylines this season are less focused on...

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through June 15)

HEALTH Laser Destroys Cancer Cells Circulating in the Blood Emily Waltz | IEEE Spectrum "Tumor cells that spread cancer via the bloodstream face a new foe: a...

As Cars Become Increasingly Driverless, People Are Already Seeking Analogue Motoring Experiences

According to those in the industry, and researchers too, driverless cars will totally revolutionize the way we think about individual transport. They will change...

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