Shopping for the Holidays with a Singularity Twist – A Robot Tea Infuser for the Nerd You Love

tea robot 2

Their long delayed quest to kill all humans will just have to wait another day – these robots are taking a tea interval. This holiday season Singularity Hub wants to spend a brief moment pointing out one of the more delightful technology themed gifts you can find on the web. The “Armed With Technology Tea Infuser” is a cute kitchen utensil that allows you to brew loose leaf tea for the geek you love. Twist the little robot’s antennas to open the tea compartment, swivel its hinged hands to grasp the cup and you’ll be brewing the taste of the Singularity in no time. The Armed With Technology Tea Infuser even comes with a small drying tray for when the tea is done. A fun mixture of the old and new, this steeping robot is a great addition to anyone’s holiday haul. Now you can own your own little taste of our growing robot culture. Available at ModCloth ($15), Amazon ($10) and Greenfeet ($9).

Have more ideas for technology themed-gifts? Share them with us in the comments below. If we like your suggestion enough we may just give it a post of its own.

tea robot

tea robot 3

tea robot 4

[images via ModCloth, Amazon and Greenfeet]