Can We Really Live to 1,000? CNBC Interviews Aubrey de Grey to Find Out


At this year’s Exponential Medicine conference, CNBC was present to probe faculty about some of the exciting developments within accelerating technologies. One of the most eye-opening speakers is Aubrey de Grey, cofounder and Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation, who was interviewed about longevity and the prospect of regenerative medicine extending our lives to 1,000 years or more.

As he states in the interview, longevity really means, “We’re going to be extending the period of life that we now consider ‘youthful’.”

Dr. de Grey has been a long-time advocate for longevity research, as he has frequently discussed at Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Program. Now on stage at the conference, he explained how his seven factors that contribute to aging seem to be standing the test of time, even as more research on aging continues to unfold.


The prospect of living to 1,000 may seem like a fantasy, and indeed the research is still out on how much the aging process can be prohibited. Nonetheless, Dr. de Grey’s advocacy is certainly drawing interest from an ever increasing audience with the desire for longer lives.

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