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Aaron Saenz

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Singularity University To Incubate Synthetic Biology Startups With New Program

Synthetic biology is poised to become one of the big technologies of the 21st Century – a game changing area of science that could alter everything we know about health, energy, and humanity. But...

Smart Phones, WebCams, and Computers are Changing Cinema – Watch The Disposable Film Festival Here

Let's be frank: these days a trip to the movies often ends in more disappointment than intellectual stimulation and wonder. Last night, however, my film-watching experience blew me away. I attended the Disposable Film...

The Next Stop on Your Journey Towards Longevity: The Personalized Life Extension Conference

What do you do after pushing the world for 25 years to invest in nanotechnology? Try to live forever, of course. Christine Peterson, co-founder and former president of the Foresight Institute, is also a...

Archetype Futuristic Viral Video to Become Feature Film. Aaron Sims Uses Youtube, Web to Conquer Hollywood

Sometimes dreams do come true, just ask special effects guru and burgeoning director Aaron Sims. His short film, Archetype, looks like a blockbuster Hollywood movie, and now it has a chance to become one....

Robot Begs to be Allowed to Live – Don’t Miss The Impressive “Kara” Video Demo from Quantic Dream

How human does a robot have to act before the world will think it's alive? Video game studio Quantic Dream, makers of the 2010 hit Heavy Rain, unleashed an intriguing demo at the recent...

Flying Robots Rock the James Bond Theme Song to Amaze Onlookers at TED 2012

My confidence in humanity's superiority over robots has been shaken...but not stirred. Flying drones can play the James Bond theme song from the series of famous action films. In one of the most fun...

Need a Little Robotic Help Around the House? Say Hello to Romeo

Good help is hard to find. So why not just build it? Project Romeo is a €10 million project aimed at creating a robotic helper for those who can no longer live on their...

Why Outsourcing Science May Be The Best Hope for Its Future

No human is an island, so why should research scientists be any different? YCombinator backed startup, Science Exchange, helps researchers hire the expertise, equipment, and labor of other scientists from around the world. Think...

The Crowd-Funding Phenomenon Continues – Comic Raises $1.2M on Kickstarter (+Q&A with Creator Rich Burlew)!

After years and years of giving his work away for free, Rich Burlew just raked in more than a million. That's the power of the crowd. Burlew started his Kickstarter campaign to raise money...

Raspberry Pi is Ready to Buy! $35 Computer is so Popular it’s Crashing Websites with Sales

You want a $35 computer? You got a $35 computer. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has finally launched its Model B Linux computer through two major electronics retailers: RS and Farnell. Since the announcement on...

Happy Future Day! March 1st, 2012 Marks the Start of this Soon to be Great Tradition. Celebrate Change!

March 1st, 2012 – Today is the best Future Day that's ever been. It's also the only Future Day that's ever been, but that's besides the point. Future Day is the new holiday focused...

Ekso Bionics Sells its First Set of Robot Legs Allowing Paraplegics to Walk

Mark down February 14th, 2012 as the day when exoskeletons became an established medical therapy. Ekso Bionics, formerly Berkeley Bionics and creators of the HULC army exoskeleton, have delivered their first commercial lower body...

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