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  1. Anonymous
    November 17, 2010

    Thats cool thats really cool.

  2. We are all hackers now
    November 17, 2010

    “the first iRobot to finally use SLAM”

    See this Create+Hokuyo HOWTO from March 2006, predating this “first” by 4.5 years.


    Also, since the Create was designed and sold for exactly this kind of thing (it is a Roomba without the cleaning guts and with a published external control protocol), how is this a hack?

    • Bob
      November 18, 2010

      The Kinect, which “is not sold for this sort of thing” is what makes it a hack.

      • Anverx
        November 18, 2010

        Then the title should say ‘iRobot Uses Hacked XBox Kinect to See The World…’

      • Eric
        November 18, 2010

        The kinect hasn’t been modified, it’s an unofficial driver, not the one used officially by microsoft on the 360.

    • Alex Petrescu
      November 18, 2010

      Haters gunna hate.

  3. Jose Berengueres
    November 18, 2010

    Great job!

  4. Modemboy1
    November 19, 2010

    That guy looks like Dennis Reynolds…

  5. Hasemann
    November 19, 2010

    I wonder how much of the sensing is really done by kinect and how much by the laserscanner (which is more than 10x as expensive). How good would the demo be without the hokuyo?

    • Erpel
      November 19, 2010

      As the text says: GMapping is used for SLAM, which means that the point clouds from the kinect only have to be used for 3D mapping without the localization part. There already exist packages for that as well (e.g. OctoMap in ROS).

      I’m not aware of any ready-to-use open source gesture recognition software, though.

  6. John
    November 21, 2010

    If that thing knows I want today’s newspaper, what can it do? Buy me some?

  7. Anonymous
    November 24, 2010

    get a free kinect! just follow the steps in this video:

  8. Anonymous
    December 8, 2010

    Hey, I was always dreaming of becoming a maestro of a swarm of robotic hoovers!!!

    How about autonomous self driving small robotic cars with kinect sensors? That would be cool….

    Or a trolley that follows you while you shop? :-)

  9. AreS
    December 10, 2010

    There is better technology for cars and they’re already implemented.
    Nice idea with the trolley though. ^_^
    I doubt he will be able to create aid robots. It’s to far to go.
    And even if he makes some steps in these direction the outcomming will not be as he dreams it. If a human lies under bowlder you maby can’t just pull him out and drag him away, like a robot would do it, even a very advanced one.
    But like Walt Disney said…

  10. Carte dsi
    January 9, 2011

    now many fans are playing xbox 360 games. even more than pc games..

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