The Next Stop on Your Journey Towards Longevity: The Personalized Life Extension Conference

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What do you do after pushing the world for 25 years to invest in nanotechnology? Try to live forever, of course. Christine Peterson, co-founder and former president of the Foresight Institute, is also a well established longevity advocate. Peterson heads the Personalized Life Extension Conference, coming March 31st and April 1st to the South San Francisco Conference Center. This year's conference will feature some terrific speakers like Larry Smarr and Terry Grossman discussing a wide range of health topics including supplements, DNA testing, telomere protection, finding a life extension doctor, gadgets, calorie restriction, anti-aging eating, and much more. To give you a taste of the conference we've included a clip of Larry Smarr's talk from 2010 (see below). If you're interested in attending, please check out the Personalized Life Extension Conference site to learn more, and buy tickets via EventBrite. If you enter in the following promo code: SINGULARITYHUB, you'll even get $50 off the price! Not a bad deal for a weekend that could help you radically extend your life.

As always, if you attend an event we discuss feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

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  • dobermanmacleod March 21, 2012 on 10:41 pm

    Could Age-Defying Worms Make Us Immortal?

    This is the most exciting discovery I’ve ever seen. With the genomic revolution, we ought to be able to easily digitize the genetic code of the worm, and see what the deal is. I am on the CRdiet, and limit my calories to 1200 (half normal for my activity level), and eat lots of anti-oxidents to protect the “cap” of my telomeres. Yet, it is only delaying the inevitable. This is likely the silver bullet – long before the nano-technology exists to go the bio-repair route.

    Please, please, please pursue this most promising angle – I don’t have the money yet to fund it, or the time to educate myself to pursue it myself. Somebody needs to herd that research to fast track this thing – if left to it’s own pace the science will take way too long to create a human application. I hope people out there realize how big this is.