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The Transformer You’ve Always Dreamed Of Is Here

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A second ago that robot was a slick Lamborghini.

Man, where the heck was this when I was a kid? The Transformers I played with were die cast metal figurines that I posed, providing the “err-arr-errnght!” transforming sounds myself. Now there’s an RC robot that transforms from its Lamborghini-esque form into a robot, throws a few punches in the (you'll imagine) Deceptacons’ direction, walks, and can even form a victory dance because it has been crowned most awesomest toy ever.

And you can drive it around too because, you know, it’s an RC.

The RC Transformer was developed by Kenji Ishida of JS Robotics. Apparently this is the eighth version of the robot that he’s been building in his living room, according to Herald Sun. Sorry to disappoint, but the robot’s not commercially available just yet. Ishida is already working on version nine, but hopefully he realizes soon that he’s already fulfilled our wildest Transformer fantasies (Megan Fox considerations aside). And technical details are scarce too, amounting to the single fact that it has 22 servos.

Ishida had originally planned on building a robot to enter into “robotic slugfests,” which I’m guessing would be ROBO-ONE. From what I’ve seen the tourney is more about Rock Em’ Sock Em’ boxing. Not sure, but it might be cheating to transform into a sweet red Lamborghini and run robotic chumps over.

However, it is never cheating to be totally awesome.

[image credit: gonzauemon via YouTube]

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