Amyn Murji

Amyn is currently getting his PhD as an experimental immunologist in the department of Microbiology and Immunology at Vanderbilt University through the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center. One aspect of Amyn’s work relates to the application of chemical biology and structural bioinformatics principles to the design of immunogens capable of eliciting protective antibody responses against target antigens. In addition, Amyn also intends to work on engineering antibodies with improved antigen affinity and neutralization potency. He hopes his efforts will culminate in the development of a clinical product candidate that will contribute to the improvement of human health. Amyn's involvement as a member of the Chemical Biology of Infectious Diseases Training Program funded by the National Institutes of Health has allowed him to explore additional interests that tap into other areas related to his work. As a result, he has an appreciation for functional genomics and computational biology.

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