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Joysy John

Joysy John

Director of Education, Nesta

Joysy is the Director of Education in the Innovation Lab, bringing together Nesta's work in education across innovation programmes, research and investment.

Joysy is the former Chief Industry Officer of Ada, the National College for Digital Skills where she led the College’s industry engagement and online learning website. Prior to this, Joysy headed up international strategic development for EF Learning Labs, led business development for Emerge Venture Lab, Europe’s first education technology accelerator and advised Level 39, technology incubator based in Canary Wharf.

Joysy is passionate about education, entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment. She helped launch three non-profits focused on education. She founded Founders Fit to help startup leaders find the right cofounders. She is the Trustee and founder of the London chapter of the Startup Leadership Program, a global initiative (across 23 cities, with over 2500 Fellows). Joysy has over a decade of experience in technology, business management, strategy and sales roles with JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley in Singapore, US and UK. She was the youngest person selected into the Future Leader Development Programme at JP Morgan Chase.

She holds a Computer Engineering (Honours) degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and an MBA with Distinction from London Business School where she was the President of the Women in Business Club and a Forte Scholar.

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