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Mark Williams

Professor of Palaeobiology, University of Leicester

I'm a Professor of Palaeobiology at the University of Leicester.

I am interested in three broad research themes:

Understanding the rate and degree of current environmental change from a geological context;
Utilising Pliocene climate as a scenario for late 21st century climate and global warming on Earth;
Understanding interactions between the biosphere and the evolution of the Earth System.

I teach courses on the ‘Geological Application of Microfossils’ – with components of oceanography, evolution and biogeography, and forensic and environmental investigation, and ‘Methods and modelling in palaeoclimatology’ – with much about stable isotope geochemistry, climate proxies and the application of numerical climate models.

With Jan Zalasiewicz I am the author of the popular book 'The Goldilocks Planet' (Oxford University Press). My research has taken me from the tropics to the Antarctic and from the Cambrian to the recent.

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