Rikke Duus

Dr Rikke Duus is Senior Faculty at University College London (UCL) School of Management. Rikke is an active researcher in the areas of digital transformation, digital marketing, connected cities and wearable technology. She frequently presents her research at national and international conferences and is published in the Frontiers of Psychology, Journal of Marketing Education and Advances in Consumer Research. She has presented her work at the World Economic Forum and been invited to debate future human resilience at the European Forum Alpbach. In her research, she is closely connected to organizations to explore the challenges and opportunities faced in an increasingly digital and AI-driven business environment. Her research and thought-leadership has been published around the world in The World Economic Forum, CNN, Discover, Newsweek, New York Times, Chartered Institute of Management, WeekendAvisen, Politiken and The Sydney Morning Herald. Dr Duus holds a PhD, an MSc in Strategic Marketing (Distinction), an MSc in Practice-based Research (Distinction) and a BA (Hons) in English & International Business Communication.

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