Jason Silva Discusses the Singularity in His New Web Series ‘Shots of Awe’

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After shooting "Brain Games" for National Geographic, Jason Silva is building on his previous line of  “philosophical espresso shots" with a new web series entitled "Shots of Awe." Silva says these videos are "condensed nuggets of techno-rapture, psychedelic viral videos meant to radically pull people out of their habituated modes of thinking. The goal is to infect people with inspiration and invigorate the imagination!”

"Shots of Awe" will feature a weekly video discussing technology, philosophy, creativity, the human condition, what it means to be alive—all those questions with a capital 'Q'. And of course, you can expect Silva's trademark rapid fire, fully caffeinated delivery.

In the below episode, see Silva dissect the fears, hopes, and criticisms of the technological singularity. Is it simply a retelling of the Christian story of god, heaven, and an afterlife hijacked by technophiles and retold in silicon instead of spirit?

Maybe so. But so what? “Those religious myths that we've been caught up in for centuries reflect our yearnings to transcend our own limits.”

My favorite thing about Silva is his ability to formulate, encapsulate, and prescribe—over the counter—the wonder this particular epoch in human history can and should engender. A close second, however, are the t-shirts he wears.

Check out his backlog here for cosmic creation on cotton crewnecks; see all the “Shots of Awe” episodes and subscribe to his YouTube channel here; watch his latest video on mortality below; and stay awe-some!

Image Credit: ImaginatyFoundation

Jason Dorrier

Jason is managing editor of Singularity Hub. He cut his teeth doing research and writing about finance and economics before moving on to science, technology, and the future. He is curious about pretty much everything, and sad he'll only ever know a tiny fraction of it all.

Discussion — 3 Responses

  • doncullen June 13, 2013 on 11:15 am

    None of the videos are captioned. Any chances of captioning this? I’m deaf, and I’m missing out on those videos. They look like good videos, but unfortunately are inaccessible to me as well as the rest of the global deaf population.

    • dantoki doncullen June 14, 2013 on 7:11 pm

      If you watch these on YouTuve (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=odwW8XlTD1I), you can click the CC button on the bottom right of the video, next to the button that turns off annotations. It won’t give great captions, because it’s translating the audio into words in real time and sometimes makes mistakes, but it’ll give you a general sense of what’s going on.

  • Wanilla Eyescream June 13, 2013 on 2:39 pm

    oh please….its only the ego that fears death…nothing that is natural lives forever. This technological egotism has to stop. We cant even get really simple stuff straight. Immortality technologies in the hands of the current powers that be is totally terrifying. Thank God that the old bastards still die off. I know they don’t want to, as I’m sure the dinosaurs didn’t. Escapism never solves anything. And personally, I’m not interested in becoming the Borg!