Growing New Organs is Not the Future…it is Happening Today!

Growing new organs to replace old or damaged organs is no longer science fiction or something we will do in the future. It is happening now and real patients are having real organs that have been grown with their own tissue transplanted into their bodies. It is shocking that such an amazing revolution continues to remain virtually unnoticed by society!

Organs grown from a person’s own cells are the holy grail of medicine and human longevity. These organs are not rejected by the body’s immune system as foreign invaders because they actually originate from the patient. Here at singularity hub we will be following this field intensely as it may be one of the most revolutionary and game changing developments ever to beset mankind. Is your heart getting too old sir? No problem…lets just grow you a new one! The implications are stunning!

Below is a video from recent CBS coverage on regenerative medicine that is a must see if you are out of the loop on this amazing development:

Singularity Hub Staff
Singularity Hub Staff
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