Obama Lifts Ban On Embryonic Stem Cell Research

As many of our readers may already know, President Obama today lifted the federal funding ban placed on embryonic stem cell research in the US.  Restrictions of the Bush years blocked any funding of embryonic stem cell lines created after August 2001, psychologically and financially impeding American research into the emerging potential of stem cell-based therapy.  Pledging to “vigorously support” new research, Obama claimed his administration will “make scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology.”

Obama’s announcement today is a prominent endorsement and long awaited change for researchers and scientists seeking to fight disease and improve human health.  No one can say exactly what tomorrow will bring, but the future of stem cell therapy is undoubtedly bright and far-reaching.

SingularityHub has consistently reported on emerging breakthroughs in stem cell research, and we’ll continue to do so.   We hope you’ll join us as the revolution unfolds.


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Drew Halley
Drew Halley
Drew Halley is a graduate student researcher in Anthropology and is part of the Social Science Matrix at UC Berkeley. He is a PhD candidate in biological anthropology at UC Berkeley studying the evolution of primate brain development. His undergraduate research looked at the genetics of neurotransmission, human sexuality, and flotation tank sensory deprivation at Penn State University. He also enjoys brewing beer, photography, public science education, and dungeness crab. Drew was recommended for the Science Envoy program by UC Berkeley anthropologist/neuroscientist Terrence Deacon.
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