Microsoft Multitouch Screen Gets Upgrade

Previously we have not been much of a fan of Microsoft’s surface technology, but perhaps we were wrong.  Recently Microsoft enhanced its Surface product with a second projector in an upgrade dubbed ‘Secondlight’ and added better sensors.  The technology is not that different from what you would see on an iphone, yet the idea of large collaborative workspaces between multiple people is what interests us about Microsoft Surface.  It seems like there would be many exciting applications for a large, shareable, multitouch surface for teaching children, collaborating on art design, organizing data, etc.  Dvice has the scoop:

The added projector will allow the Surface to layer one screen over another, so a satellite overlay could be projected onto a city map, or a render of a completed building over a set of blueprints, and so on.

In addition to the second projector, Surface 2 will also have higher definition cameras and infrared sensors that can interpret gestures, so you may not even have to touch the table at all.

The biggest inhibitor to more widespread success, interest, and applications of Microsoft Surface seems to be its $10,000 price tag.   As soon as Microsoft or a competitor gets the price down to $1,000 or less (without sacrificing quality) we could see an explosion of these types of devices all around us, enriching our opportunities for learning and collaboration.  BBC recently did an interview that shows the technology.

Singularity Hub Staff
Singularity Hub Staff
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