Intel’s Infoscape Demos New Chip’s Major Graphics Mojo (Video)

intel infoscape CES 2010
The Infoscape wall at CES gave us a remarkable news feed interface and demonstrated the power of Intel's i7 chip.

We live in the information age, and it takes a constant stream of facebook status updates, news feeds, and tweets to keep our appetites for trivia sated. Intel knows this, that’s why their CES booth demonstrated their newest high speed chip with a most intriguing and seductive display – the Infoscape. Two seven by seven foot high resolution touchscreen walls covered in undulated boxes representing 576 live links to 20,000 online sources (everything from Google news to Flickr). Touch a box and see that information float up into your own selected news feed. The entire program (and both 1920×1920 wall displays) run off a single Intel chip, the Core i7. Released this year, the i7 is a quad core chip running at 3.3 GHz (and can be overclocked to 4.1+) and retailing around $1000. The i7 isn’t the most powerful chip in the world, but when teamed up with the Infoscape, it’s hard not to be impressed. Both the chip and the information wall allude to the spectacular accomplishments we’ll see if Moore’s law continues to hold true into the future. Check out the Infoscape for yourself in the video from Dvice after the break.

I love when some passerby tries to max out the screen at 0:43. That’s some fast tapping, Tex. The little display of enthusiasm, however, demonstrates the power of the new generation of chips. As the Intel rep puts the Infoscape through its paces, I was impressed with its ability to seamlessly render high definition graphics. That capability will mean more as 3D TV, augmented reality, and other new visual media begin to push the limits of video displays. Life-like imagery is going to help us transition into a world where the digital and physical are more closely related. The Infoscape follows that same trend. News you can see and touch…that’s one way to combat the information overload. Great demo, Intel, can’t wait to see how these themes develop during the year.

[photo credit: modified from Engadget]

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