Apple Announces Tablet To Be Called ipad – Looks Beautiful, Pricing Starts $499

Steve Jobs sitting in a chair on stage, presenting the ipad

Well, the Applet tablet is finally official, and it even has name…ipad!  Steve Jobs is on stage at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, CA presenting the device even as I write:

Breaking: Price starts at $499!  Amazing!  Available in 60-90 days.

  • If you need to type seriously, then plugs into ipad keyboard dock.
  • The device looks beautiful, as expected.
  • It appears to run an iphone derived OS and is a top of the line e-reader.
  • Unlike clunky devices like the Kindle, this thing is in full color, allows all objects, images, etc to be touchable with your hands.
  • Maps look beautiful on the device.
  • 1Ghz Apple A4 custom chip with 16GB to 64GB memory.  0.5 inches thin, 1.5 pounds.  9.7 inch display.
  • 10 hour battery life, 1 month standby life.
  • High defition video HDTV.
  • Virtually every iphone app will work on the device.
  • It is basically a big ipod touch, but way more powerful.
  • This could revolutionize gaming – powerful processor, excellent graphics, combined with multitouch capability never seen before on a gaming platform.
  • A key strength here seems to be that the ipad will seamlessly allow the thousands of developers for the iphone to jump onto the ipad and develop stunning applications quickly, easily.
  • Ibook store to offer enormous amount of book and publisher content
  • Way better than traditional books.  Web 2.0 enabled with video, images, author updates and additions
  • “The most beautiful word processor you will ever see”
  • iwork – spreadsheets, word processor retooled from the ground up for this device
  • As powerful as a computer, but an intimate experience that is unlike anything else available today
  • Easily connects to projectors
  • Uses AT&T for 3G network…oh no!
  • $9.99 for each iwork app – not bad!
  • syncs over USB with itunes, just like ipod/iphone
  • Activate directly on ipad itself.  It is unlocked, so can use with multiple networks worldwide


  • 16 GB version is $499 with WiFi
  • 32 GB is $599
  • 64 GB is $699
  • 64GB plus 3G – $829

The Kindle doesn’t hold a chance against this thing.  More to follow.  Below are some screen shots of the event:

baseball on the ipad
Look out kindle...ipad ebooks rock!
In front of the yerba buena Aaron Saenz in the picture?


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