New Video of USC’s 3D Floating Head Teleconferencing System at TEDxUSC

Is your head ready to teleconference?

USC’s amazing floating head 3D teleconferencing technology is back and as captivating as ever. Developed by the university’s Institute for Creative Technologies the display uses a spinning mirror to project a 3D image in real time. That spinning mirror lets multiple people see different sides of the same object, which for teleconferencing is usually a disembodied head.

I loved this thing the first time I saw it and I’m happy to report that the technology is still going strong, grabbing attention at the TEDxUSC conference last week. While the setup looks pretty similar to what we saw at SIGGRAPH, the presenter in the following video really articulates the advantages in perspective and eye contact that the USC ICT project has over competing concepts. She also discusses where the team might be headed next. Cool stuff, check it out below:

[source:USC ICT, TEDxUSC]

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