The 1000th Post Is Near…No Wait…It’s Here!

1000 Posts! What Will They Come Up With Next!

Crack open the champagne and light the fireworks – this is the 1000th post ever published on Singularity Hub.  It has been an exciting year for us at the Hub – in January we celebrated our 1 year birthday, several top notch writers have joined our team over the last few months, and now we have 1000 posts to brag about.  So where do we go from here?  It’s on to 2000 posts in half the time of course!  What else would you expect from a site focused on exponentials?

To commemorate this milestone we would like to send each of our awesome readers a free Willow Garage PR2 robot, your choice of a voucher for a free implantable eye telescope or an artificial pancreas for your future, and a real, working light cycle from Tron.  Alas our wimpy budget is not as awesome as our readers, so all we can really send you is a really huge thanks…and a promise to make the quality and the quantity of content on our site even bigger and better in the coming year.

We love what we do here at the Hub and we hope that you are enjoying it as well.  Stay tuned – we have big plans in the works and you won’t want to miss it.  An artificial intelligence is being developed to write the stories for us, humanoid robots are being developed to handle our human relations needs, and 3D printers are being developed that will allow us to send you physical objects via email!  Tell your friends about us – good things only get better when you share them!

Image Credit: Josh Smith On WPF

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