Real, Working Light-Cycle From New Tron Movie For Sale on eBay!

$35,000 and you could have your own light cycle.

Rule 43 of the Internet: the more you want something, the higher the chance someone is selling it on eBay. Case in point: 5 working replicas of the amazing light-cycles seen in the movie Tron are now for sale on eBay for $35,000 each. There will be one and only one for each color: yellow, blue, red, green, orange. Built by Parker Brothers Choppers in Florida, the converted motorcycles look exactly like their movie counterparts, right down to the neon lights. The only thing they’re missing is a trailing ‘light-wall’ to run all the other bikes off the road. Wanna see what I mean? Check out the following trailer for the Tron sequel which prominently features the light-cycle in all its deadly glory.

As we mentioned earlier, when Tron first came out in 1982 it was a ground breaking movie, exploring the emerging world of video games and computing. The sequel (Tron Legacy) arrives in a time when that digital world has become more and more integrated with our own. It seems fitting then that someone took one of the coolest props from the movie and actually made it into a working machine in the real world. True, Parker Brother Choppers’ light-cycles won’t help you dual people to the death, but they are street legal motorcycles with custom features that will turn anyone’s head. From hypo-sprays to exoskeletons, science has a history of picking up ideas from science fiction. It should be interesting to see if any of the other ‘impossible’ ideas from Tron make their way to reality in the near future.

Parker Brothers Choppers isn't new to the movie replica business. They created a non-street ready version of the 'batpod' seen in Dark Knight. Pretty slick, but I still think I prefer a light cycle. Anybody have $35,000 to spare?

[image credits: Parker Brothers Choppers]
[source: eBay listing (link may expire)]

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