Google Purchases BlindType Keyboard AI! Plus New Video for Android Phones

Google made a smart move buying BlindType. On iOS or Android phones it makes typing so much easier.

A few months ago I got an exclusive look at BlindType, the keyboard correction AI for mobile phones. BlindType is so good at interpreting misplaced fingers on a touchscreen it almost seems like it is reading your mind. I know many of you were curious as to how BlindType would find its way to market, and now the news is out. Google recently acquired the startup from creators Kostas Eleftheriou and Panos Petropoulos. That’s right, the big G just got a hold of a piece of software that everyone is going to want on their mobile phone or touchscreen tablet (*cough* iPad *cough). In honor of the acquisition I thought it fitting to show BlindType demoed on Android phones. Catch the video below. Man, I can’t wait for this to become available.

Before they made their big deal, the cousins from Greece had been developing the program for iOS and Android enabled phones. It’s unclear how it will be developed in the future. Kostas and Panos couldn’t comment on the details of their agreement. Speaking as an iPhone user, I hope Google decides to make the App available on iOS when it comes to market. BlindType wasn’t perfect when I tried it out, but it was a big improvement over using the iPhone keyboard on its own. I’m not sure how long it will take to get BlindType onto your smart phone and tablet, but I bet we could see it pretty soon. Remember Kostas and Panos took the idea from conception to advanced prototype in just a year. In fact, the following video came out just a few weeks after my original story, and it already shows a few improvements over what I saw.

Everytime I watch it in action I’m reminded just how cool BlindType really is. Congratulations to Kostas and Panos on their deal. I hope you guys wrung a lot of money out of Google, you deserve it.

[screen capture and video credits: BlindType]
[source: BlindType]

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