Cool Futuristic CityScape Sculpted Out of Nothing But Drill Bits

I spend a good portion of my waking hours contemplating the future, so I was a little amazed when I suddenly saw it crafted out of drill bits. Japanese artist Chu Enoki’s sculpture, RPM 1200, is a beautiful metallic cityscape that looks like a glistening version of Blade Runner, or maybe even a 21st Century version of the Emerald City of Oz. Every spire is a drill bit that has been repurposed and polished. It’s a beautiful piece of art (and a stunning feat of recycling as well). Check out more photos of RPM 1200 below, including a close up shot where you can really see the grooves and shapes of the bits that went into its creation.

RPM 1200, sculpted by Chu Enoki out of thousands of drill bits.

Chu Enoki’s not particularly known for his futuristic vision. From what I can tell he’s much more about provoking his audience than concerning himself with any given time period. Still, there’s something about RPM 1200 that really evokes a sense of the other worldliness of the future for me. And there’s something very cool about the future being shaped out of the tools that form a part of our present machine-based technology.

Meh, maybe I just like shiny things.

In this photo you can clearly see how each drill bit was transformed into a unique city spire.

[image credits: Keizo Kioku, Yuto Hirakakiuchi]
[source: Chu Enoki]

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