Foresight’s Nanotech Conference at Google June 25-26 ($50 OFF To Hub Readers!)

Foresight at Google
Back in 1986, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and shoulderpads were popular, forward minded scientists and friends gathered together to form the Foresight Institute – arguably the premiere futurist organization focused on nanotechnology. Now, 25 years later, Foresight is still going strong and throwing one helluva conference at Google’s campus in Silicon Valley on June 25th and 26th. Among the long list of scientific leaders speaking will be Zyvex’s James Von Ehr, Moon Express’ Barney Pell, and IBM’s Thomas Theis. Over two days, attendees will explore, debate, and plan the upcoming global changes that nanotechnology and other future tech could bring. As a special treat to our readers, Foresight is offering $50 off the price of admission! Just enter the discount code SINGULARITYHUB when purchasing your tickets online. (Hurry and register before June 15th as prices will jump from $300 to $500.) Always insightful, Foresight’s conference will be a wonderful opportunity to discuss what the next twenty five years of scientific development may bring. Don’t miss it!

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