Nanotechnology On The Internet – Videos of 25th Anniversary Foresight Reunion Now Online

Nanotech Foresight Conference

Don’t worry if you missed it, you can time travel and attend the Foresight Institute’s 25th Anniversary Reunion through the magic of the internet. The conference, hosted on Google’s campus in Silicon Valley, explored the past, present, and future of nanotechnology. Featuring speakers like Andrew Bleloch, (Halcyon), Matt Francis (UC-Berkeley), Sir J Fraser Stoddart (Northwestern), and William Goddard (CalTech), Foresight@Google brought together some of the more prominent minds in nanotechnology, energized them, and watched what they would make with their sticky fingers (that’s a molecular assembler joke). Luckily, large portions of the conference are now online for you to peruse on the Foresight Institute’s Ustream channel. Check out one of the great videos below. I’m not sure which is more amazing: that we’re nearing an age when nanotechnology may finally be starting to get off the ground, or that anyone in the world can virtually attend a conference on nanotech by going online.

Of course, the Ustream footage of Foresight@Google is raw, meaning the following video starts well before an event actually begins. Skip to 8:30 to see emcee Sonia Arrison’s introduction to the panel discussion which follows featuring Moon Express’ Barney Pell.

Whether you’re concerned with how grant money should be allocated to best finance the rise of the next generation of nanotech, or you just want to see some cool pictures of man made molecules, the conference videos have a lot to offer you. As always, Singularity Hub eagerly awaits what the Foresight Institute has planned next. For twenty five years they’ve helped push the boundaries of what science can offer at the nanoscopic scale. I’m sure the next twenty five years will be equally amazing.

[image credit: Nanotechnology Victoria]

[source: Foresight Insitute]

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