Moverio – The Virtual 80-Inch, 3D Television You Wear On Your Face

Moverio gives you 3D movies and Internet access for only $770!

Check Facebook posts, the Twitter feed, text someone, Google that actor in that movie you saw that time…watch a 3D movie. Epson has come up with yet another way for us to tune out those humans nearby who annoyingly keep trying to have a conversation with us. Why waste your time when you’ve got YouTube?

The new Moverio headset is a see-through 3D display that wears like a pair of funky shades. Run on Android 2.2, the display appears as an 80-inch 3D screen 5 meters in front of you. To avoid open manholes the glasses allow you to see what’s going on in the real world while you watch Lord of The Rings.

It supports MPEG-4/MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video files and has 1GB of internal memory and a slot for a microSD card. The binocular displays have 960×540 resolution. The glasses also have Wi-Fi so you can access videos from YouTube or surf the web. Just want to close your eyes and relax to music? Moverio also supports AAC and MP3 audio files.

I hope my wife is reading this article because man I want one. Here’s my Christmas gift pitch: a normal 80-inch TV is like, $4,000, and they don’t come with 3D, Moverio is just $770. And I can watch football without bothering anybody. Sounds like a win-win to me.

[image credits: TechCrunch]
images: TechCrunch

Peter Murray
Peter Murray
Peter Murray was born in Boston in 1973. He earned a PhD in neuroscience at the University of Maryland, Baltimore studying gene expression in the neocortex. Following his dissertation work he spent three years as a post-doctoral fellow at the same university studying brain mechanisms of pain and motor control. He completed a collection of short stories in 2010 and has been writing for Singularity Hub since March 2011.
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