Daniel Kraft Gives You a Peek of the Future of Medicine at TEDMED

Kraft on TEDMED

Modern healthcare is sick, but Dr. Daniel Kraft knows a little something about the cure. At the 2011 TEDMED conference in San Diego, the stem cell researcher gave a great overview on the emerging trends which are poised to play a big role in how medicine develops in the decades ahead. Mobile platforms, 24 hour at home monitoring, artificial intelligence, social networking, massive data collection, crowd-sourcing – Kraft expounds upon them all with his characteristic charm and humor. He even explains how lessons learned from aviation (checklists, simulations, heads-up displays) could help transform healthcare. With $2.4 trillion spent on medicine in the United States alone, there’s a huge incentive to make the industry faster, smarter, and more efficient. Kraft’s TEDMED presentation is a great guide to how humanity can make that happen. Don’t miss it below:

If you find yourself wanting to learn even more check out Dr. Kraft’s recent Q&A with Singularity Hub

[screen capture and video credit: TEDMED]

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