Your Invitation to the Future: 2016 Global Solutions Program Closing Ceremony

Join Singularity University on August 26th at the Santa Clara Convention Center for the 2016 Global Solutions Program Closing Ceremony—an exciting night of inspiration, impact, and innovative pitches for 20+ new startups aiming to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. This event will sell out! Reserve your ticket now. Tickets purchased before August 13 (Early Bird) are $55 and those purchased thereafter are $65.

This summer, Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program (GSP) convened 79 entrepreneurs from 40 countries in Silicon Valley for an intensive 10-week program. Their mission? Develop viable solutions addressing humanity’s most persistent challenges—energy, environment, water, food, disasters, space, security, education, global health, governance, prosperity, and shelter—by applying exponential technologies and bold thinking.

During the program, participants explored technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, digital biology, nanotechnology, and computing systems and were challenged to develop an exponential mindset in order to discover solutions to the world’s most complex, persistent problems. At the GSP Closing Ceremony on August 26th, they’ll emerge as 20+ startup teams, make their first public pitches to the world, and demonstrate their innovations.

In doing so, they’ll join a distinguished roster of companies from prior years that are making a monumental impact on the world.

Credit: Made In Space

For example, AIME [GSP ‘15] provides the exact geolocation of a disease outbreak up to three months in advance via machine learning and is helping Brazil with early detection and prevention of dengue and zika viruses. Aipoly [GSP ‘15] helps people with visual impairments “see” the world through artificial intelligence and is busy pursuing facial recognition and making other exciting enhancements. Made In Space [GSP ‘10] was recently selected by NASA to lead the next phase in the ongoing development of in-space manufacturing with a two-year, $20 million contract to 3D print and assemble structures in space. And Getaround [GSP ‘09] is well on its way to becoming the largest on-demand car sharing company in North America with over 2,000 cars listed, 300,000+ users in the U.S., and major partnerships with Ford, Toyota, and Audi.

At the Closing Ceremony, the keynote speaker will be Mitchell Baker, Executive Chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation and of Mozilla Corporation. Among her many achievements, Baker was listed among the 2005 Top 100 by TIME Magazine, received the Anita Borg Institute Women of Vision Award for Social Impact, and was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame. As an instrumental player in the development of the Mozilla project and as founding chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation, Baker helped legitimize Open Source Internet applications.

Thanks to generous funding from Google and other partners, as well as supporters of SU’s Global Impact Competitions, participants are able to attend the GSP program free of charge. This year, 19 GSP participants won national Global Impact Challenges, and the rest were sponsored by Google and Genentech to attend the program.

What world-changing innovations have they developed? Join us for what’s sure to be a remarkable evening, and you’ll be on hand to witness an advance look at the future.

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