Peter Diamandis Explains the Potential of Exponential Medicine

As technology progresses in medicine, humans are increasingly gaining more sovereignty over their health. Soon, instead of visiting doctors infrequently to fix health issues as they arise, we’ll more pre-emptively monitor and improve our wellness day to day. Additionally, many of today’s emerging technologies will eventually become widely available at little to no cost, regardless of income or location, changing how we take care of ourselves for the better.

“We are in the midst of a healthcare disruption where the systems that are in place today are going to fall by the wayside as much better systems come into place,” Peter Diamandis said during an interview at Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine conference in 2015.

These new systems will empower each of us individually in a way that may be difficult to imagine today. Diamandis thinks we’ll control our health without as many middlemen.

“[Healthcare] is this massively broken system that is inefficient, is dangerous in some cases, and ultimately has the potential to be completely reorganized. I think it’s going to be done where the patient is the CEO of their own health,” Diamandis said. Key to this will be a shift from inefficient bureaucracies to established businesses and startups dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to bring self-health tools and methodologies to market.

(Watch the interview in full below. Peter Diamandis will be at Exponential Medicine 2016 in San Diego October 8-11.)

Will we all benefit from tomorrow’s advanced healthcare tech?

In a lecture at the conference, Diamandis suggested that everyone—not only the wealthy—will be positively impacted by this shift in how we handle medicine.

“One of the truisms about technology is wealthy people pay for technology in the beginning when it doesn’t work very well and then the world benefits at the end when it works perfectly,” Diamandis said. He thinks over time treatments that grow the human health-span will improve and become widely available for virtually no cost. And that’s a very powerful thing.

A healthy population can do more good and creative things in today’s world than ever before.

“We’re living during the most extraordinary times ever in human history. What do you love? What do you want to do? What impact do you want to create on the world? There are no limitations. We can in fact go and make our grandest dreams come true,” Diamandis said.

Learn more about Exponential Medicine 2016 here.

Andrew J. O'Keefe II
Andrew J. O'Keefe II
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