4 Reasons Why You Should Experience Exponential Medicine 2016

Are you looking to address challenges, understand the cutting edge, and contribute to the future of health and medicine? Join Singularity University and 500 selected participants from across the healthcare and technology spectrum this October 8–11 for Exponential Medicine 2016 (xMED16).

Need some convincing before buying your conference ticket? Here are four things to consider.

1) xMED Is Not Like Most Healthcare Conferences

Unlike most healthcare conferences focused on a single specialty or general field, Exponential Medicine offers a signature blend of exponential thinking, insight sharing, and a high dimension of interaction that sparks new relationships, research, business concepts, and collaborations that can transform one’s practice, research endeavor, organization, industry, and planet.

Want a taste of the technologies and platforms rapidly entering healthcare? Read The Future of Healthcare Is Arriving—8 Exciting Areas to Watch written by Conference Chair Daniel Kraft, MD.

2) Did We Mention 60 World-Class Faculty?

Exponential Medicine brings together over 60 world-class, thought-leading faculty from the worlds of medicine, biotech, and innovation to discuss what’s currently in the labs, what’s evolving clinically, and what game-changing technologies are emerging in the next 2 to 10 years.

Of those 60 faculty, crowd favorites and Singularity University co-founders, Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil, will be delivering keynotes on bold innovation and future predictions.

Are you a fan of Peter? Read Peter Diamandis Explains the Potential of Exponential Medicine.

3) Meet 50 Fast Rising Startups Changing the World

Startups are changing the world and no place faster than in healthcare. Our Healthcare Innovation Lab is a showcase and expo(nential) lab for 50 groundbreaking companies and innovations that are set to revolutionize the practice of medicine and radically transform healthcare and the biomedical industry.

These startup companies will also compete for MEDy (Medical Entrepreneurship & Disruption) Awards in four categories: Convergence, One to Watch, Outstanding Pitch, and Most Disruptive.

Got an awesome startup? Apply to demo at the Healthcare Innovation Lab.

4) Beachside Bonding at the Hotel Del Coronado

Where else can you gain insights, connections, new perspectives, AND bond with 500 people wearing blue scrubs on the magical beachfront of the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego?

Exponential Medicine is an intense four days of immersion in future-looking topics, hands-on experience, in-depth, late night, high-energy discussions with remarkable and inspiring people passionately sharing their ideas, discoveries, aspirations, and invitations to join them.

If all this sounds convincing, apply now to Exponential Medicine before seats sell out (warning: they always do). If you can’t make it, we’ve got you covered with live reporting here.

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