Alexander Crooke

Dr. Alexander Crooke holds a postdoctoral research fellowship with the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at the University of Melbourne, in which he is investigating the sustainability of school-based arts projects. He has completed a PhD at the University of Melbourne in the fields of music therapy and social policy. Dr. Crooke also has an academic background in sociology, political science, and behavioral science. He has undertaken research and published in disciplines spanning hip-hop and beat-making and the role of technology in addressing adolescent mental health. His current focus is on exploring benefits and challenges of school-based arts programs, specializing in issues of sustainability, psychosocial wellbeing, and policy. Dr. Crooke also holds sessional lectures for a music therapy masters course at the University of Melbourne and consults in areas of research, evaluation, and policy. Dr. Crooke has a strong interest in multidisciplinary collaboration and commitment to undertaking work which promotes social justice, community development, psychosocial wellbeing, as well as cultural recognition and diversity. Dr. Crooke is open to collaboration in meaningful research, as well as social and artistic endeavors.

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