Devin Griffiths

I write about the relation between literature, science, and the environment. My work has appeared in various academic journals, including Critical Inquiry, English Literary History, Studies in English Literature, Victorian Studies, and Book History. My first book, "The Age of Analogy: Science and Literature Between the Darwins," published in 2016 by the Johns Hopkins University Press, examines how historical novels shaped both the life sciences and the humanities, by means of a new comparative method that established our modern, relational understanding of history. It was shortlisted for the British Society of Literature and Science’s book prize, and was runner-up for the first book prize of the British Association for Romantic Studies. I am also the co-editor of "After Darwin: Literature, Theory, and Criticism in the Twenty-First Century," which was published by Cambridge University Press in 2022. The collection gathers an international roster of scholars to ask what Darwin’s writing offers future of literary scholarship and critical theory, as well as allied fields like history, art history, philosophy, gender studies, disability studies, the history of race, aesthetics, and ethics. I am now working on a new book project, “The Ecology of Power,” which examines how Marxist and Darwinian philosophy offer alternative models for ecocriticism and the energy humanities.

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