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Dr. Imtiaz Khan

Reader (Associate Professor) in Data Science, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Imtiaz is an interdisciplinary data scientists with an aim to increase the value and veracity of big data. He is a Reader (Associate Professor) in Data Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University and leads the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, where he is currently supervising blockchain focused PhD studentships investigating different approaches of utilising blockchain technology - to ensure the data integrity of 4.5m VAT registered companies in UK (with Companies House); to identify fraudulent activities in cryptocurrency transaction using artificial intelligence (with Coincover); to establish a blockchain and smart contract based marketplace for digital health records (with Balsamee). Imtiaz also founded the Hub for Distributed Technologies and Future Societies at CardiffMet - a multidisciplinary research hub incorporating academics from four different schools to investigate the adaptation and impact of distributed technologies like blockchain on future society.

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