Matthew Doude

Matthew is an automotive R&D manager with expertise in autonomous and electrified vehicle systems at the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems within the Bagley College of Engineering. As CAVS Associate Director, he participates in strategic and investment planning, corporate outreach, and marketing. Matthew also manages programs for key corporate clients in the fields of autonomous vehicles and vehicle electrification. Matthew manages industrial relationships and technical marketing across all of CAVS’ technical areas, including computational fluid dynamics, advanced materials research, human factors engineering, and advanced vehicle systems. He has extensive technical experience in automotive battery pack design, including development of proprietary thermal management systems. Matthew led three different vehicle powertrain development teams to first-place finishes in the Department of Energy’s premier Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions. He has twice been honored with the Outstanding Research Award for Mississippi State University and received research presentation awards from the Society of Automotive Engineers. Matthew also publishes scientific articles and is invited to speak and keynote at industry conferences and summits.

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