Mike Gardner

My work is at the interface between ecology and genetics. I use Australian lizards from the Egernia group as my study species. One of these has been understudy since 1982 which I took over in late 2016. Here my group examines a boundary between two tick species and the ticks effects on sleepy lizards - particularly on their monagamous relationships. I also have projects on the endangered pygmy bluetongue lizard where we are working out how to move these lizards safely in the face of climate change. I lecure at the Flinders University in Adelaide Australia where I run the honours program in natural sciences as well as teaching undergraduates and a large number of postgraduate students. My vision is to study the intricacies of the nature to instil others with a sense of awe and wonder so that they gain a sense of place - and are ultimately inspired to look after this world.

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