Manos Tsakiris

Manos Tsakiris is professor of psychology at the Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London, where he leads the Lab of Action and Body (LAB). His research is highly interdisciplinary and uses a wide range of methods to investigate the neurocognitive mechanisms that shape the experience of embodiment and social relatedness. He was awarded the 22nd EPS Prize Lecture from the Experimental Psychology Society, UK, the 2014 Mind and Brain Young Investigator Prize from the Center for Cognitive Science of Turin, Italy, and the 2016 Inaugural NOMIS Foundation Distinguished Scientist Award. Between 2016-2020 he led the interdisciplinary Body and Image in Arts & Science (BIAS) project at the Warburg Institute where he investigated the performative and political power of visual culture. Since 2017, he has been leading the INtheSELF ERC Consolidator project at Royal Holloway that investigates the role of interoception for self- and social-awareness. Since 2021, he has been the director of the interdisciplinary Centre for the Politics of Feelings.

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