Niusha Shafiabady

Associate Professor Niusha Shafiabady is an internationally recognized expert in the field of computational intelligence with many years of professional experience in both academia and industry. She has held various academic leadership positions for the past 15 years. In addition, she has been involved in the computational intelligence industry for 23 years as project consultant/manager, associate head of school, dean, CEO, chief scientific advisor, and ethics committee and academic board member. She has held leadership positions in both academia and industry. She is the inventor of a European patented optimization algorithm named after herself and is the copyright holder of “Artificial Intelligence Development Solutions.” She has published many research articles, particularly in top-tier journals, supervised more than 11 higher degree research students, has played significant roles in $3.3 million of grants, and is the recipient of several awards and credentials. She has been a finalist for Women in AI Award (WAI 2021) in Australia and New Zealand in the category of ‘AI in Defense’, and Women in Innovation (Winnovation 2020) Award in South Australia for developing Ai-Labz. Her key areas of expertise are design and development of smart algorithms for data analysis and interpretation, prediction of different phenomena, clustering and classification of unorganized data, and creating smart decision-making systems for different applications. The highlight of her work is blending academic knowledge and research findings into industrial applications. Her ultimate vision is to utilize her expertise in computational and artificial intelligence for improvement of human life.

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