Pär Halje

I study electrophysiological correlates of spontaneous behaviour and disease states in freely moving rodents and primates. In particular, I am looking for common mechanisms behind the unexplained narrowband oscillations that appear in the local field potentials during levodopa-induced dyskinesia or psychedlic drug use. I am also engaged as the AI/ML coordinator of MultiPark and the technical manager of MoRe Lab. I have a background in both theoretical physics (MSc in Physics at Stockholm university, Sweden) and cognitive neuroscience (PhD at the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland). The topic of my PhD thesis was neural correlates of embodied consciousness (multisensory integration, space perception, self-identification, agency). I have specialized in data analysis of neurophysiological signals, including extracellular spikes, local field potentials and human ECoG, and quantification of animal behavior using video tracking and accelerometers. I have developed several software tools for the interactive analysis of these large data sets. Outside the lab I try to find time for music, for example as part of the improvisational rock group Øresund Space Collective.

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