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Roger Jones

Professor of Physics, Head of Department, Lancaster University

My research interests are in experimental elementary (high-energy) particle physics. They are divided into three activities:

The physics of particles containing b-quarks using the ATLAS experiment at CERN.

The investigation of the strong nuclear force, and the predictions of the theory describing that force, QCD.

The development of world-wide Grid computing systems to serve the huge processing and storage requirements of particle physics.

My ATLAS studies at the LHC involve the decays of particless contain b-quarks that will allow us better to understand a rare violation of a symmetry known as CP. This is intimately connected with the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe. These are also an ideal area to properly understand the behavior of the tracking detectors and software, which we need before we can properly apply the tracking in Higgs and SUSY searches. We are also investigating the use of b-events as a window into new 'flavor dependent' physics.

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